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Visited the injection factory in Yongkang

On August 9th, 2019, the technicians of Shuntai Rubber and Plasstic Technology Co., Ltd. went to the injection company in Yongkang Economic Development Zone. We visited the injection workshop , and discussioned on the use of foaming agent .

1. How to use a foaming agent to get a better solution for the PP shrinkage problem.

2. How to make PP products fuller?

3. How to use foaming agent to reduce costs

We found the problems encountered by the injection factory in the actual production process, and provided new ideas for the development of all kinds of foaming agent in the future.

Zhejiang Shuntai Rubber and Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a road of surging with continuous innovation. Zhejiang Shuntai Rubber and Plastic Technology CO., LTD. has laid a pivotal position in plastic foaming agent with the advantages of integrity, talents, management, innovation and technology.