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PVC foaming series SP7000

It is used for the foaming PVC artificial leather, PVC wallpaper and semi-PU leather.
Product introduction
Product data
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Packaging and storage
Product introduction
SP7000 foaming agent is a improved product. It has a large amount of gas, excellent performance, good fineness and strong stability. A certain amount of energy consumption can be reduced in some products compared to ordinary blowing agents. Foaming 2 times added foaming agent 2%,  foaming 6 times added foaming agent around 5% .
Product data
Style Exterior Decomposition temperature Gas volume Fineness
Light yellow power 218±4℃ 185±5ml/g3 3-5um
Packaging and storage
Plastic bag or kraft paper bag packing with 25kgs. The stability is good as storing at room temperature. Store in a cool, dry place away from sources of ignition, sparks and heat. Please use water spray, carbon dioxide or chemical powder to extinguish the fire when in fire, can not be manually extinguished.
Product application
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